USB 4 Axis CNC 6090 Router Engraver 1500W Machine 3D Mill Engraving + Controller

CNC 6090 Wood router 4Axis+1.5kw Spindle+USB Port+Installment software +Metal Engraver sku:1500W-6090T1-USB-B+1500W-6090T2-USB-B+TS009USB Applicable User&Skills: 1. User should better have electronics background 6. DIY ability to repair Highlights of water cooling system : It can cool the spindle and protect the machine Avoid the spindle burn out Can engrave the high hardness or metal It can improve […]

4 Axis 800W 3040 CNC Router Engraver Woodworking Engraving Milling Machine USB

The machine is suitable for industry, Technology Research, Advertising Design, Arts Creation, Teaching, Student Project and Hobby Purposes. It can work with various materials(metallic & non-metallic), such as: wood, pmma or other plastic, MDF board, native wood, PVC, Acrylic, wood, composite board plywood. Like aluminum, copper and silver to engrave them into 3D/2D works etc. […]

USB 4 Axis 6090 CNC Router Metal Engraver 2200W VFD Engraving Milling Ball Screw

Feeding height:=140mm(From base of Z axis to platform) X, Y, Z Working Area:900(Y)600(X)140mm(Z) Sliding unit: X axis:SFU1605 Ball Screws Y axis:SFU1605 Ball Screws Z axis:SFU1204 Ball Screws Drive unit: X axis:ø20 High intensity round rail, Y axis: SBRø20 high-strength aluminum base rails Z axis: ø12 high-strength round rail Stepping motor:57 two-phase 3A (with handwheels). USB […]

1500W USB 3 Axis CNC 6040 Router Engraver Metal Milling Drilling Machine withRC

ATTENTION : This machine comes with EU plug , please prepare an UK adapter plug cable yourself SKU:3AIX6040USB-1+3AIX6040USB-3+3AIX6040USB-4+TS007USB Attention: Notes:Please prepare a computer with USB Interface. Attention: It is also not recommended to connect to a computers with 64 bit versions of Windows due to problems with the usb port driver. These issues are detailed […]